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Orchestral Strings

The orchestra strings might be the most important element on the instruments. They are the are the core element in getting the amazing sound and vibes out. We provide you with the 10 most popular instruments that uses orchestral strings.

The orchestra strings come in various sizes from violins, which are the smallest strings, to viola, cello, which are the biggest strings, and then bass.


Brass instruments goes back to very old time and they can be found in a lot of different measures. The brass family consist of old and modern brass instruments, except for the trombone. Within the brass family you have the trumpet, the French horn, the mellophone, the sousaphone, the tenor horn, the flugelhorn, tuba, the cornet, euphonium, and the baritone horn.

The brass instrument is known for a very profound and vibrating sound. The sound is produced by a sympathetic vibration of air made by the vibration of the player’s lips.

Concert Percussion

The concert percussion instruments are some of the most significant instruments in an orchestra. Their significance is deep and are almost always the instruments that have the lead position and sound in an orchestra, musical, concert, etc.

The family of the concert percussion instruments includes all from the timpani, cymbals, piano, celesta, chimes, bass drum, snare drum, triangle, maracas, gongs, and xylophone.

Wind & Woodwinds

Wind and woodwinds instruments gives the audience a pure sound. Their sound is produced by small metal tongues arranged in rows within either a metal frame or wooden frame. The sound is made by the player’s breath or by bellows.

The wind and woodwinds family includes 2 types of wind and woodwinds instruments which are the flutes instruments and the reed instruments, also known as reed pipes. To name a few of the instruments, there are the saxophone, the bassoon, and the piccolo.

Marching Percussion

The instruments that are made for movement. The marching percussion instruments are specially designed and developed for being played while moving. As an example the drums are attached to a harness which the player will be wearing.

The marching percussion instruments are designed in a way to get the maximum articulation and projection of the sound. The reason for this is the free space the sound has to travel through. The marching percussion instruments have to articulate and make a very clean sound from all the players.

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